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21 Day Fix Results

I know I’m a bit late on posting my results, school has gotten the best of me this summer, but here it is, My 21 Day Fix results!!! From yelling at Autumn for her dang bonus rounds in her workouts, to creating new recipes in the kitchen and making time to plan Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.07.33 PMout my meals each week, it was EXTREMELY worth it and I am going to be doing many more cycles of the 21 day fix because I absolutely loved my results. Whats the verdict??!! I lost a total of 3.5 pounds in 3 weeks, while this may seem little, my body feels as if it did a 360 and is changing its composition for the better. I’m feeling leaner, stronger and healthier after the last month of spring semester at school and way too many treats each week (and day).

What did I think was the most difficult part? It was probably my sweet tooth because I would have a couple chocolate hershey kisses every other night after dinner if I had my Shakeology for breakfast. I also had a few nights where I would go out to dinner for a date with my boyfriend or a family dinner where I indulged on extra Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.10.09 PMcarbs. However, the 21 day fix helped me stay on track with my portions at restaurants because it had a guide that allowed for exchanging containers for pasta or pizza or chocolate to match up with so I knew what to mark off each time I went out.There were two times I went out for ice cream so that would have been a “treat meal” but only happened once a week and I would be extremely good during the week. I think that my results could have been even better if I stayed 100% on track, but again- life happens and I am not perfect. I am very satisfied with what I did achieve staying 95% on track and will be looking forward to my results the next cycle.

What was my favorite part of the 21 Day Fix? Absolutely, no doubt about it–>the Meal Plan. I thought I would be extremely hungry and wouldn’t have enough food (because I eat a lot), but the 21 Day Fix allowed Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.30.08 PMme to have tons of snacks– fruit, protein bars, SHAKEOLOGY!!, popcorn, almonds, string cheese, and so much more. The containers seemed small at first, but then when I put my food in there, the portions were actually pretty big on my plate! AND, I was able to make my favorite foods AND EAT CARBS. Unlike some diets, the 21 day fix makes sure you get all the macronutrients in the right portions in designed to create a leaner and stronger you in the process. I don’t weigh my foods anymore, meal prep is so easy with the 21 day fix and I loved all the recipes and simple instructions to create amazing results. Whether you want to maintain, lose, or gain mass, this meal plan is customizable for YOUR needs. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.21.49 PMWhat did I think of the workouts? Especially as someone who works out a lot, were they challenging? Oh my goodness I did not think I was going to be challenged with her workouts because I work out all the time, but the workouts rock!! She provided various options for all different fitness levels-beginner, intermediate and advanced so I felt like I got a great workout and would even modify some exercises! And, I’m a huge advocate for interval training and that is exactly what Autumn brought to the table. She gives you four rounds and sometimes a bonus round of different exercises and it makes time fly by- it seriously felt like the workouts were like five minutes. The cardio ones were tough, but definitely my favorite! On days of strength training, I would do my lift at the gym because I am working toward gaining muscle mass and I really enjoy lifting (always do what you love 🙂 ), but then the next day I would do the strength workout since it was only 30 minutes! They were similar to the classes I each, and have great exercises as well!

What do I think of Shakeology? YUMMY & ENERGIZING & SATISFYING! The chocolate flavor seriously tastes like a chocolate shake, add peanut Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.41.09 PMbutter and half a frozen banana and it is HEAVEN! I loved using Shakeology for my sweet tooth and for smoothies to cool off after class for a snack! I also used it in my yogurt for extra protein in the morning if I needed a quick breakfast and added oatmeal and fruit for lots of energy during the morning for class and walking around on campus in the heat. Not only does shakeology taste good, but it has hundreds of super foods included that provided vitamins, energy and fiber for me each day. I need that energy to stay awake and alert in class and also to focus on studying in the afternoon and shakeology and the meal plan really made a difference with my alertness and energy and satisfied my sweet tooth all at once. (thank goodness!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.47.44 PMWhat were my favorite meals? When I didn’t have my shakeology for breakfast and wanted to save it for dessert, I would make Egg Poppers made with veggies and egg whites in little muffin tins and bake them in the oven. I love them because I love omelets and they were like mini omelets on the go! My favorite dinners were spicy shrimp pasta with frozen shrimp cooked in Mrs. Dash chili seasoning and fresh garlic and I also love ground turkey with veggies and Mrs. Dash taco seasoning. My favorite carbs during this challenge were my wraps, spaghetti, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal (loveeee oatmeal!!)! I was extremely shocked tht I could eat so many carbs and fruits and have great results with the program, but I will leave it to science and keep eating them – the science worked as seen in my results 🙂 

Will I be doing it again!? YES- Do it with me!!! I have a July/August Challenge with the 21 Day Fix coming up, e-mail me at or message me on Facebook asking about my July/August challenge at (click to get to my page & message me for more info).  This is a great time to  do the challenge before school starts up again & because summer and warm weather is going to last for a while & my challenge will help you get those lean results to feel more confident and strong in the skin you’re in 🙂 

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.23.17 PM


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