thanks, endomondo!

For someone who enjoys a healthy living, I reallly like to make sure I get in 3-5 good workouts a week! Now that I have an iPhone(a recent upgrade from my envy3 🙂 ), I have acquired many apps that incorporate fitness logs and fitness ideas! My favorite one that I’ve found is called Endomondo! Endomondo is like a GPS and it tracks your workouts. It’s really helpful for when I go trail running or even running around the neighborhood. It’s the first time I’ve been able to track the distances I go besides when I use map quest. I really like the fact that you can put in your profile: weight, height, and goals; so the application can accurately record how many calories burned, and your effort.

Although, I have not acquired a heart rate monitor- I plan on doing so in the future, – I like the way it has so many statistics of my physical activity. The application has many different activities to choose from- from weight training and skiing- to roller blading and running. I highly encourage this app for people who like to record their workout progress, like to work out, or are training for an event. The application records each mile’s statistics by showing how long it took for each mile. Here is a picture of one of my recent work outs this week, I went to a park with a friend and we jogged and walked our work out! (on the left)

This is much better than what my treadmill records because I don’t get to see the individual times and it’s not as accurate. Even though the calorie burn may not be exact, it’s fun to have and motivating for me to finish my workouts! Heres a picture of the mile comparison and my treadmill mile comparison(they aren’t the same workout!) I ran the whole time on my treadmill one)

<—Endomondo statistics


treadmill statistics–>


2 thoughts on “thanks, endomondo!

  1. Reblogged this on Fitness by Jay Drake and commented:
    Endomondo is available for Android users as well – I have it on my Android phone and love it. I had been using Runkeeper until a friend started using Endomondo and invited me to link up with him through their site. The two are reasonably comparable and I’m happy enough with Endomondo that I picked up the pro version.

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